Green Policy

Green Policy

At Muckrach Country House Hotel, we recognise the impact of our business on the environment and we are committed to conducting the hotel in a way that ensures environmental sustainability.

During the refurbishment of the Hotel we worked closely with the architect and utilities providers to ensure we used wherever possible. The hotel was insulated to a level that exceeds normal requirement to ensure that in the winter colder months the heat would be kept in the hotel, removing the need for a continuous high output of heating. The hotel only installed air conditioning in the coffee shop. All light fittings use the low energy LED bulbs.

We have a filter water system that enables us to filter our own waste water using our Klaugester system.

We are working with local suppliers to find the best solutions and practices that are environmentally sustainable for all our utilities and services.

We are factoring the environment in our everyday decision making, all staff have the opportunity to bring forward ideas and suggestions. We encourage this through staff induction and at regular training sessions. As we are in such a rural area we encourage our staff to car share.

We recycle our paper, cardboard and glassware. We will soon be working with our Waste Management Company to further manage the Food Waste generated by our kitchen, we plan to have this in operation by 2017.

In all the main public area we operate a light sensor system, helping us keep ahead of the “switch off” policy, where we don’t have the sensor system we operate a “switch off Policy” not just with lights but with all computers, IT equipment, printers and kitchen equipment. Public area taps are all on a sensor to reduce waste of clean water.

We encourage our team to never print any documents that are not required, we can scan instead of print and if we do need to print we encourage double sided printing. We also use or scrap paper to make notes and re print on when we can.

The hotel bedrooms are all on a “switch off” policy when not in use. Rooms that are to be checked into are only set to the minimum temperature and output levels.

We are reducing the use of harmful chemicals by working with our suppliers to find eco – friendly products where ever possible. We are introducing the use of Micro Fibre cloths to further reduce the need for cleaning chemicals.

Our bedroom Welcome packs, encourage our guests to walk and cycle to explore the local area. We provide information on local walks and cycle routes also where guests can find access to bikes, local buses and maps to explore the local area.

We will continue to:

  • Use low energy light bulbs in public areas
  • Monitor our energy consumption of gas, electricity and water.
  • Use electronic mail where possible to reduce the use of paper
  • Turn off unnecessary lights and taps
  • Buy in bulk
  • Use more organic produce, seasonal vegetables and local produce

We are working on Projects to:                                                      

  • Update our website with local green travel information
  • Look to reduce our energy consumption by 10% by looking at energy saving plant and equipment.
  • Use recycled Paper for brochures
  • Get involved with local community projects
  • Reduce water consumption
  • Donate old furniture, hotel products, linen and towels to local charities

Green Policies for Guests:                                   

  • In our bedroom Welcome Packs we encourage our guests too,
  • Turn off lights when leaving the room
  • Turn of the TV when leaving the room
  • Make sure taps are fully off
  • Limit the use of heating and air conditioning
  • Follow the guidance on the replacement of towels and linen, put any in the bath tub that you wish to have replaced
  • Our policy for longer staying guests is a complete change of linen and towels every 3 days

Key Points for our Greener Future

  • Sustainable purchasing arrangements for food, consumable’s, equipment, energy and chemicals
  • Transport and travel policy to ensure efficient use of transport resources
  • Pollution prevention measures and emergency procedures to reduce the risks of incidents and their impact which could damage the hotel environment
  • Energy economy for each department
  • Measure to be considered for any new builds and refurbishments
  • Bio Mass Energy
  • Creating our own power either by wind power to solar power

Muckrach Country House Hotel is dedicated to balancing our commitment to our Green Policy without compromising on comfort, standards and enjoyment of our guests.

We will always comply with the law in all our actions and will continuously review our policy to improve our environmental impact.