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Highland Hospice

We are thrilled to announce that our charity of the year is Highland Hospice. The charity aims to support people, their families and carers, living with an advancing, life shortening illness in the Highlands to live the best possible life. The charity was originally founded by Flora and Cecilia in 1983 who brought together a committee to drive forward their vision and Highland Hospice was born.

This independent local charity is reliant on the community. Muckrach has chosen this charity for all the wonderful work the nurses, carers and volunteers do for the charity.

Take part in our Charity Treasure Hunt, all money will be donated to High Hospice. Raffles will be available at our Ascot, Murder Mystery and Opera Gala events all to raise money for Highland Hospice.


More information on Highland Hospice
Click the link to donate to the charity

Join us for our Highland Hospice charity events!

Ascot Ladies Day- 21st June 2018
Murder Mystery at Muckrach- 13th July 2018
Gala Night at the Opera- 14th July 2018
Event in a Tent- 15th July 2018