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Meet Catriona

Meet Catriona, who at 22 is the Head of House-keeping. Catriona has worked at Muckrach since she was 13 years old, working with different owners over the years.

Catriona lives locally and is part of the local community of Grantown on Spey, particularly enjoying her work at the leisure centre to teach children to swim. Catriona juggles both the swimming teacher role and her position at Muckrach, getting the best of both worlds. “Working in a small community enables you to get to know most people and I love seeing them coming into Muckrach and enjoying themselves” said Catriona.

Her love for transforming bedrooms and making the bathrooms shine encouraged Catriona to maintain a role at Muckrach. Since working with the Cowap family, Catriona has enjoyed working with a young team and has loved the transformation of Muckrach since the renovation.

Catriona is a key member of the team and gets involved in many areas of the business, such as Reception and Front of House, fully immersing herself as a team player at Muckrach.  The next time you stay at Muckrach, you’ll be able to appreciate her hard work and dedication as you relax in your room.