Locally sourced

One of the many exciting things about taking on a new business in the Highlands of Scotland is meeting all of the fabulous people and being introduced to some amazing locally sourced products. We have started with a blank canvas in most aspects of the hotel; from the building to the decoration and from knowing very few people to meeting many friendly & talented people. Every time we have met with someone it has lead to a meeting with someone else, each time discovering more about the many truly talented Highland folk. It is a real pleasure working with them and aligns the core of our business ethos of sourcing local where possible.

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Osprey catching trout in the Scottish Highlands

Why the Cairngorms National Park is so special

I often ask myself why the Cairngorms National Park is so special. Is it the mountains and lochs, the adrenalin fuelled activities or the plethora of wildlife unique to the area? As the UK's largest National Park it has so many special places to enjoy across its well cared for landscape; ancient pine forests, some of the highest mountain ranges and a selection of rare and unique wildlife species.

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